Pole Revolution logo

Pole Revolution

The grand opening of Pole Revolution's new studio space was also accompanied with a new logo.

The inspiration for this was found in the studio owner's tattoo! This logo blends beauty, art, and fitness together to reflect the pole and burlesque classes offered at Pole Revolution.

Encore! Sydney Pole Show

Pure Pole Academy

With a desire to establish an elite, professional academy feel, the Pure Pole Fitness and Dance Academy branding combines the traditional with contemporary. The logo acts as an emblem, much like an educational institution, and the wings are incorporated as a reference to their Pure Pole Angels performance troupe. The design was applied across a suite of materials ranging from forms and flyers to merchandise and studio signage.

Beyond Gravity

Beyond Gravity Pole Fitness Academy are a fresh and fun pole fitness company leading the way in Queensland, having won several fitness industry business awards. Their re-branding reflects the sporty style of their classes and a uniqueness which sets them apart within the market.

Booty Pole Fit Boutique

Booty Pole Fit Boutique specialises in one-on-one pole dance training. A plush, sexy and feminine look was created to reflect all aspects of its boutique nature, right through to the products it sells. Visit

Vertical Studio

The Vertical Studio was all encompassing when it came to fitness. Promoting healthy lifestyles, fitness such as yoga, aerials, pole dance and circus were teamed up with health and beauty services.

Asia Pacific Pole Dance Championships

The Australian Pole Dance Championships, which later expanded to become the Asia Pacific Pole Dance Championships, was the first of fitness-focused pole dance competitions in Australia. The branding needed to be professional and reflect the sport of pole dance in a serious light, representing both males and females. This branding set the standard for quality competitions and respected athletes. Visit

Pole Sports UK

The Pole Sports UK logo needed to represent pole sport in Britain for males and females. Besides being recognisably British, this logo reflects a professional image as it captures the artistic and athletic elements of pole dance.